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POL110HA-CA2 - Professor Moon's Library Instruction/Orientation for Dr. Rimanelli's - Democracy in Troubled Times

Spring 2020

Key Assignment - Mini Paper (5+ pages, single spaced, min of 3 properly cited sources)

"Students will analyze the course concept of "Democracy's Contemporary Challenges: Right-wing Populism and Nationalism."

See Foreign Affairs scanned documents in Courses/D2L Key Assigntment - Is Democracy Dying?

Some Possible Topics

Putin AND Democracy

How to Stand Up to the Kremlin: Defending Democracy Against Its Enemies.

Biden, Joseph R. Jr. (AUTHOR)
Carpenter, Michael (AUTHOR)
Foreign Affairs. Jan/Feb2018, Vol. 97 Issue 1, p44-57. 14p. 1 Color Photograph.
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*PRACTICAL politics
RUSSIA -- Politics & government
PUTIN, Vladimir Vladimirovich, 1952-
The authors discuss the assault on democracy by Russia, both inside its borders and against Western countries. They mention the pretense of democracy allowed by Russia's president Vladimir Putin, the authoritarian nature of the Russian government, and the attacks on the political process in other countries.
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What might a third source be about? Related to Putin's biography, and the assault on Democracy in other countries?