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MGT-301-Article Analysis Project-Mazur: Home

Help for students completing the Article Analysis Assignment

This library guide will be used to finish the Article Analysis Assignment

Article Analysis (Project):

In this project, students apply their knowledge of the four functions of management (planning, leading, organizing, and controlling) to current events. Locate an article that represents each of the functions (you should have four articles) for an industry of your choosing. The articles should be no more than five years old. Use the project instructions sheet to analyze each article. Each analysis should then be combined into a project paper. Present articles to the class in a PowerPoint presentation. Each team member is responsible for submitting a copy of this Assignment.

What You Need to Succeed

Here are the items you will need to complete the Article Analysis Paper.

1) The Rubric  

2) The Worksheet

3) Access to databases

4) Time to analyze the article.

5) APA template to start the paper


Represent each of the Functions of Management

Interpreting the Rubric

You have been given a rubric to explain what this paper needs. Let's take a look at it.

Application - Be sure to give examples that accurately represent each function of management.

  • What are the functions? Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling.
  • What is the definition for each of these functions?


  • Use our APA template to start your paper
  • Remember that Word has spell-check. Use it.  :)


  • Each part of the paper must identify the questions and answers to the questions given in the assignment instructions. 
  • Do not confuse this with any worksheet you are given to "help you think." You do need to think. But organize according to the instructions.

Content - Saving the best for last.

  • Provide an in-depth summary of each article.
  • Use the articles to answer the questions listed in the assignment instructions thoroughly.
  • Use the articles to show an application of each management function.


Give yourself enough time to find the articles, read them, think about them, and organize them. In-depth means you have thought about the details.

All citations, including your textbook, must be in APA 7th edition.