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Jane Austen's Emma: Home

Dr. Stasio's ENG220 Research Paper

Subject Guide

Amazing Titles to Amaze You!

Some specific resources for Fall 2009 paper topics! Some interests you mentioned in the Library Instruction were Emma and Music, Emma and Gender, etc.

Remember, read the book's introduction, scan the table of contents, peruse the index, ...!!


Hi Dr. Stasio's ENG220. I hope this LibGuide helps you. Please email or visit me at the library if you have any questions or comments. Sincerely, Ms. Moon

Jane Austen on the Web!

The Jane Austen Society of North America publishes Persuasions Journal! Also, a famous New York Library puts on a Jane Austen Exhibit from November 6, 2009 to March 4, 2010.

Print Journals with articles on Austen and the Nineteenth Century Literary Scene

Here is just a sampling of some of the journal titles that we have at the Cannon Memorial Library that have articles about Jane Austen's Emma and Eighteenth/Nineteenth Century Literature!

Cannon Memorial Library Online Catalog

OCLC Worldcat can help you!

Cannon Memorial Library's Online Library Resources

E-resources are available through CML! Remember, try using a scholarly E-book in your paper! We looked at the Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature (E-reference resource) during the Library Instruction, but there are so many more to look at as well.

Finally, we looked to see if we carried the full-text of a journal, Eighteenth Century Fiction, through the A-Z Journal List. Here is the result from that search:

Eighteenth-Century Fiction
    Academic Search Premier  2001 to present  (Embargo: 6 months)  
ISSN: 0840-6286
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Subject: Language and literature -- Literature (General) -- Prose. Prose fiction

Go to EBSCO's Academic Search Premier Package, and put this journal title in the Advanced Search, plus a keyword.

Google Scholar and Jane Austen and Emma

Google Scholar Search

Biography on Jane Austen

Check out the listing for Emma in the Index!!

Have I got books for you!

Reference Books are some of the most useful sources to students and scholars, and unfortunately some of the least used!

ENG220 Library Instruction Handout

Google Book Search

Emma: The Flight from Womanhood is in Chapter 7 (pages 129-155).

Google Book Search