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ENG 122: Academic Writing II [Research Paper] - (Lane): Research Paper Assignment

Research Paper Assignment

Research Paper Assignment-

You will write a 1200-1500 word research paper that will make a claim about ethical responsibility either as a personal dilemma or in response to an injustice within the culture. Your evidence will consist of one of the readings this semester, a minimum of three outside sources, and possibly your own experience and observations. To consider your evidence, use the following as a guide:

  • One of the readings listed or from this semester (required)
  • At least three external sources (required)
  • Your own experience and/or observations (optional)

Possible choices from this semester's works:

  • "from Bodega Dreams"
  • "Eco-defense"
  • "Hard Rock Returns to Prison"
  • "The Things They Carried"
  • "Mending Wall"
  • "The Walnut Tree"
  • "Everyday Use"

A minimum of three external sources:

  • Two of these sources must be from the library databases. One source will be specific to the literature you've chosen. The other source will relate to your general topic.

            (e.g., Gale Literature Resource Center, CQ Researcher, ProQuest, EBSCO, etc.)

  • The third source may be from the library databases or an external website that is credible.

Limitations on External Sources

  1. All sources to be full text and not an abstract.
  2. Sources for this paper may not be graphics, videos, or other non-text sources.
  3. The sources may not be editorials or letters to the editor, book reviews, dictionaries, or publications for K-12.
  4. Sources may not be from a student help site that sells papers, a wiki, or a blog. These are not considered academic sources.
  5. Don't use any more than one source from an author.
  6. Sources from the web must be from a credible, reliable source.
  7. If possible, select a source with a different perspective. This source would show you recognize differing viewpoints.

MLA 8 Formatting Required: See MLA tab in this LibGuide

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