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Cannon Memorial Guide For Instructors/Professors: Class Collaboration with Faculty Librarians. : Home

What can a Faculty Librarian Do For You and Your Instruction Goals



Library Instruction: One-Shot, Workshop, Formatting Workshops (in-person or Zoom), Embedded Librarianship, multiple meetings etc. 

To set up a session(s), please contact Amy Harris, Assistant Professor, Instructional and Assessment Librarian: . 

  • What we need from you: The more time you give us, the better--so please think ahead at least a week to schedule something with us.
  • We need information on what we should focus upon--Is it one paper? Is it an overall view of the library? Is it APA formatting? What are our goals?
  • Please send us the syllabus, assignment information, room number or Zoom link, the approximate number of students attending and anything else that would help us provide a great session(s). 
  • We prefer that the instructor/professor is present in the class(es)--it helps with cohesion and sometimes we need you there to help shape the course of our talk.


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