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APA 6 or 7?

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Can you Cite this Journal Article?

Create a Reference Citation in APA Format

Click here. Type in AMYHARRIS in the box.    

Then create a citation in APA format. 

We will discuss the results in class.

Library Instruction Objectives

  1. Create an APA-style citation (in-text and for References page)
  2. Formulate  searches using keywords, natural language & controlled language (subject headings) appropriately
  3. ‚ÄčDemonstrate proficiency using ProQuest to locate a scholarly article

APA 6th Edition Help

Cover of APA Manual 6th edition 


There are many places to get help with MLA style:

Purdue OWL - online writing lab

SLU Writing Help - writing & research support

APA Template 6th ed. - created for SLU students

Sample APA papers - examples of APA