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CRM 350: Braziel 2023 Fall: Home

Library Support for CRM 350


Information CRM 350

This course is designed to be a comprehensive overview of ethics in the field of criminal justice. This course will address ethical issues that may arise in the criminal justice profession. Through lecture, class discussion, and exercises, the student will develop a better understanding of the moral and ethical dilemmas confronting criminal justice practitioners and how these dilemmas may be successfully resolved.

LIterature Review Assignment Note (QEP)

The students will complete a literature review of their research paper topic. The review will include a description of the publication, a summary of the publications, main points, a discussion of the gaps in research and an evaluation of the publication’s contribution to the topic. This project will provide the student with an opportunity to conduct research on their topic paper which will be used in their class research paper. Students should review five peer review articles, addressing their chosen topic.

The review will include one Saint Leo core value as it applies to the criminal justice topic and ethics discussed in the paper.

The students will reflect on their writing as it impacts the criminal justice field. Included in the students’ reflections in an analysis on how the student’s writing skills have improved