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CRM 332: Terrorism/Homeland Defense and National Security: CRM332 - Terrorism/Homeland Defense and National Security

Research Paper

Research Paper - Topics and Requirement

Research three agencies involved in Homeland Security!

Criminal Justice Research Methods


Welcome to the LibGuide to CRM332! I hope you will find some ideas here for your research paper! Please, remember that this is just a springboard to the many resources that are available to you in the library's collections/subscriptions, and that are available free online via the World Wide Web. In other words, these featured resources will hopefully lead you to more quality resources -- too numerous to include here.

To start finding great resources, just click on the LibGuide's tabs! You will find samples of appropriate books, ebooks, journals, databases, websites, etc. Also, to name just a few of the recent news stories involving terrorism and counter-terrorism measures, take a look at these

Recent Terrorism Stories in Newspapers and Magazines!

Homeland Defense/National Security Topic

TOPIC: “National Security” and “Homeland Defense” are topics that saturate the media, consume much of our intelligence and investigative resources, and concern all Americans. One of the keys to effective Homeland Defense is the integration of our law enforcement and intelligence assets at all levels: federal, state, and local. Your assignment is to comprehensively research THREE (3) agencies involved in Homeland Defense, and write your paper on these agencies, following the format described in Section 2 below. The agencies are to be 1 Federal (your choice), 1 State (either your home state or where you are living now), 1  Local (your choice), as follows:


A.    Federal: Any law enforcement agency (e.g. U.S. Secret Service)  or U.S. Armed Forces entity concerned with Homeland Defense (Army, Navy, Coast Guard, etc.); or intelligence agency (e.g. CIA, etc.) [but not the FBI or Department of Homeland Security.


B.     A  State Law Enforcement Agency:  State Police agency (e.g. New Jersey State Police, Florida Department of Law Enforcement), or National Guard



C.     Local: Municipal or County Police (Tampa P.D., NYPD, LAPD, etc.).


Section 2 - Format

FORMAT: Your paper is to be formatted as follows (use mandatory headings and subheadings): Discuss each agency separately and completely with the categories below:

a)      Federal

b)      State

c)      Local (city or county)




A.    IDENTIFY THE AGENCY (write each agency as a separate entity; do not combine information about agencies)

                                      i.      Jurisdiction

                                    ii.      Size

                                  iii.      Missions


B.     ROLE IN HOMELAND DEFENSE (a review of the agency’s web site is a good place to start—but do not end there; find other sources as well.


C.     SUMMARIZE AND DISCUSS: 3 cases in which Homeland Defense issues have arisen in the work of any combination of your 3 selected agencies (obtain from news media research, agency web site, or direct contact with agency public affairs office.).  These are cases total, not 3 from each agency; BUT, you must have cases from at least 2 of your 3 chosen agencies.


Examples include:

1.      Arrests of terrorists

2.      Interdiction of terrorist plans

3.      Seizure of terrorist supplies or materials

4.      Successful cooperation with other U.S. or foreign agencies


D.    CORE VALUES  (see below)


E.     BIBLIOGRAPHY  (follow correct citing procedures; library site will help you).

Core Values

******CORE    VALUES*******


For each of the three agencies you choose, you are to consider your topic in light of the core values (see Syllabus).  Address these questions:

                                      i.      How are the missions and actions of each agency reflective of qualities that we see in the SLU Core Values?


                                    ii.       How do the Core Values affect the balancing of the agencies’ missions to safeguard our nation with America’s traditional and constitutional respect for individual liberties?



                                  iii.      Does each agency have its own Core Values or Agency Principles? What are they? How do they compare with those of Saint Leo University?


                                  iv.       Would adoption or implementation of the SLU Core Values improve the performance, quality, or integrity of their investigations and credibility with the citizens?



The Core Value discussion is not to be an after-thought at the end of the paper. I want to see thoughtful insight applied to the application of Core Values to your topic.

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