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CRM 330: Organized Crime: CRM330 - Organized Crime

Syllabus and Research Paper - Topics and Requirement

Guidelines set forth by your professor!

Criminal Justice Research Methods



Welcome to the LibGuide to CRM330! I hope you will find some ideas here for your research paper! Please, remember that this is just a springboard to the many resources that are available to you in the library's collections/subscriptions, and that are available free online via the World Wide Web. In other words, these featured resources will hopefully lead you to more quality resources -- too numerous to include here.

To start finding great resources, just click on the LibGuide's tabs! You will find samples of appropriate books, ebooks, journals, databases, websites, etc.! 


This is to be an original paper…not more than 20% should be copied from other sources…and Wikipedia and your textbook are NOT to be cited as sources.

The paper complies with the required format.                                                                        10

The paper includes an appropriate depth of research related to the topic.                            10                     

Clearly identifies focus and logically analyzes and discusses the topic.                                   20

Grammar, spelling, and syntax are appropriate to the college level.                                          40

The core value of integrity and two additional core values are explicitly addressed in the paper.  10

The paper uses a minimum of five acceptable sources; Wikipedia and the textbook are not acceptable sources.                                             10                                                                               

Research Paper Format - per Dr. Wubbenhorst

Your Assignment and Format:   Organized crime has a long and violent history in the United States. Many different groups have formed and run criminal enterprises under the title “organized crime”.  Your assignment:  pick one of the groups and conduct independent research for your paper. You must submit this paper, with the following sub-headings, in the following format:

      1.    Name of Group

2. Year formed or acknowledged that group began

3. History of group

4. Current activities of group

5. Significant court trials of group or significant members  (legal cites to published opinions) (at least 2)

6. What investigative techniques or laws have or could be used against this group?

7. What agency or agencies were or are primarily involved in combating this group?

8. Media treatment of group (movies; articles, etc.)

9. Discussion of SLU Core Values (at least 3) in relation to your topic.

               a. How are the actions involved in OC enforcement embodied or reflected in the SLU Core Values?

               b. Would adoption or implementation of the Core Values improve the performance, quality, or integrity of law enforcement against OC?  Why?  Explain.

8. Bibliography: Use correct APA format; no Wikipedia cites!


Papers not in this format will not be acceptable.

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