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HUS 510: Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Services: Module 1: Personal Values

HUS 510 Module 1

Module 1

Personal Core Values

Read this…



Discussion 1: Go to AKPSI Personal Values Inventory (see link, above)

Do NOT look at the second page. List your top 5 values. Now, go to the 2nd page and complete the exercise. Discuss your findings and how congruent your actions are to what your stated values. Based on these findings, create a personal values statement. Which ethical standards for human services connect to your top 5 values? Discuss how these connections will inform your practice as a human service practitioner.

Discussion 2:

Analyze your personal value system and discuss how it either connects and supports or hinders self-determination for clients and employees. How can ethical behavior recognize the worth and uniqueness of all individuals who are being serviced by an organization. Discuss potential