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KRA on Course Materials: Home

Vision, Goals, and Objectives


All students having high quality course materials that enhance student learning on day one of a course and costing substantially less than the materials they purchase today.


1.  To have course materials available to students on the first day of class

2.  To reduce textbook costs to students

Recent Activities

November, 2014

KRA Committee met and spoke with the following vendors:

  1. Ambassador Education Solutions regarding course materials management and delivery.
  2. Academx Publishing Services regarding creating course manuals as a way of creating affordable course materials.
  3. Lumen Learning regarding coursework for open educational resources.

December, 2014

KRA Committee met and spoke about the following:

  1. Open Education Organizations
    •  Lumen Learning Course Alignment
    •  Candela Course Platform
    •  MyOpenMath

January, 2015

KRA Committee met and spoke about the following:

  1. Ace Learning Company
    •  Intelligent Content Curation Platform

February, 2015

KRA Committee met and spoke about the following:

  1. Mission, one-year objectives, three-year objectives
  2. Pearson presentation
  3. Ambassador Education Solutions presentation

Sample Syllabi

Sample syllabi from the HRA549 - Recruitment, Selection, and Placement course.  

Each module includes select readings from journal articles relating to a particular topic.