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ENG 122: Academic Writing: Russo: Syllabus Spring 2016

General education course. Gianna Russo


Syllabus Spring 2016

ENG 122: Academic Writing                                     SYLLABUS                                        Spring 2016

Ms. Gianna Russo     



The syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor.

Class time will involve discussions, activities, on-the-spot writing, lecture, quizzes and students presentations.

All readings are in Reading Literature and Writing Argument (RLWA), unless otherwise noted.

HW= Homework        NYT= New York Times

Wed. Jan 13

Welcome to our class! Library tutor visits;

Distribute syllabus;

Syllabus scavenger hunt in trios (complete as HW if you don’t finish in class);

Distribute “Paranoia”

HW:  Register on Turnitin

HW: Read “Paranoia” by Shirley Jackson for diagnostic writing assignment next class; bring it to next class, along with your laptop.

Fri. Jan. 15

In-class Diagnostic Essay on “Paranoia”–bring laptop, submit to Turnitin

HW: Two brief paragraphs on your writing experiences

Mon. Jan 18

Community Service Day

DUE: Paragraphs on writing experiences; Share/ Introductions:

“I Have A Link!”;Icebreaker: 100 Questions

Review Syllabus

HW: Plagiarism exercise

Wed. Jan. 20

DUE: Plagiarism exercise; 1 P response/ share

Discussion: “Selective Service” by Carolyn Forche

Editorial vs. reported article

HW:  Select an editorial in the New York Times; identify and outline claims and evidence in the editorial

Thurs. Jan 21

Extra credit--Reading by acclaimed poet Carolyn Forche;

Fri. Jan. 22

DUE:  Outline of editorial in the Times/share

Discussion:  Parts of a Powerful Argument (HO);

 Implied claims in “Work Boots” by Jim Daniels

Sample Essay 1 review

HW: Poetry Vocabulary

Module One

Practices in Reading and Writing About Literature

Thematic Approaches to Literature and Writing

“To Do What Must be Done”

Mon. Jan. 25

DUE: Poetry Vocabulary

Discussion: Elements of poetry in “To Be of Use” by Marge Piercy p.8

Active reading/annotation strategies and reading comprehension exercise:

HW: Fiction Vocabulary; Read “A Worn Path”(HO)

Wed. Jan. 27

DUE: Fiction Vocabulary

Discussion: Elements of fiction in “A Worn Path”(HO)

Active reading/annotation strategies and reading comprehension exercise:

HW: RLWA Chap. 1 Academic Argument & Critical inquiry pp.2-7;

Chap 2:  Examining Thinking & Analyzing Argument pp. 12-16;

Fri. Jan. 29

Discussion:  Paraphrase and Summary RLWA p. 84-85

“The River” (HO);

In-class Diagnostic Essay returned/Class review of papers / Grading/rubric

ESSAY 1 ASSIGNMENT –, To do what must to be done personal sacrifice, being of use

Mon. Feb. 1

In class: “Those Winter Sundays” p. 35;

“What Work Is” by Philip Levine (HO)

 “Evening Song” (HO)

Wed. Feb. 3

Extra credit—Literature for Lunch with Spoken word poet Aja Monet;

12:30, TECO Hall

Wed. Feb. 3

DUE: Initial draft for ESSAY 1for PEER REVIEW in class

HW: Complete essay

Fri. Feb. 5

DUE: ESSAY 1 FINAL DRAFT on Turnitin/share

“The Invasion from Outer Space”  by Steven Millhauser (HO)

Module Two


Mon. Feb. 8

“Meet the President” by Zadie Smith (HO)

HW:  RLWA Chap. 3  pp. 40-44, 47-50

HW: MLA tutorial on SLU library website

Wed. Feb. 10

Cell phone video

“The Facebook Sonnet” by Sherman Alexie. p.116; technology article or reading

Draw the plot OR Jeopardy

 HW: Technology1 P. reflection

Fri. Feb. 12

DUE: Technology reflection

Discussion: “Those Who Walk Away from Omelas” by Ursula LeGuin (HO)

HW: Intro Chap 6 pp.130-33;

HW: Read “Bodega Dreams” by Ernesto Quinonez, p. 178; questions

Module Three

Individuality and Community

Mon. Feb. 15

Discussion: “Bodega Dreams”;

Essay 1 returned

Read: “The Store” by Edward Jones  p. 141/questions

Wed. Feb. 17

Extra Credit—reading by poet Patrick Bizarro

Wed. Feb. 17

DUE:  “The Store” questions/discussion;

“My White Neighbor Thought I was Breaking into my own Apartment” Fay Wells TBTimes

Fri. Feb. 19

“Incident” by Countee Cullen, p 186;  “Incident” by Natasha Trethewey

Review Sample of Essay 2


HW:  Read “Letter from Birmingham Jail” p. 236 questions

RLWA Chap 5 Five: Reading Arguments and Practicing Analysis p. 91-96


Mon. Feb. 22

DUE: “Letter from Birmingham Jail” p. 236; questions

Historic video: PBS “Citizen King, Part II” Birmingham 1963

“Ballad of Birmingham” p.443

Wed. Feb. 24

DUE:  Draft of ESSAY 2 for PEER REVIEW in class

HW: Intro to Chapter 7, P. 279

Module Four

Nature & Place

Fri. Feb. 26

DUE: ESSAY 2 FINAL DRAFT on Turnitin/share

Discussion: “Travelling through the Dark, ” by William Stafford, p. 342;  

Youtube  Il Volo “O Sole Mio”

“The Sun”, Oliver (HO); and/or selected poems

HW:  Nature Walk & Discovery writing & collage

Read “To Build a Fire,” by Jack London  p. 301,/ questions

Mon. Feb. 29


DUE:  “To Build a Fire,”/ questions/discussion

Discussion:  “A Blizzard Under Blue Sky” by Houston

HW: READ “Naming of Parts” and be prepared to discuss next class

Chapter 8 Intro. p. 391

Wed. Mar. 2

DUE Nature Walk& Discovery writing & collage/share

Discussion: “Naming of Parts”

HW:  Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, p. 417/ QEP assignment

Module Five

Family and Identity

Fri. Mar. 4

DUE: QEP ASSIGNMENT /  “Everyday Use”

“Hills Like White Elephants,” by Ernest Hemingway, p. 443


HW: Read “Separating” by John Updike, p. 416/questions 1& 2

Mon. Mar. 7

Discussion” “Separating” by John Updike and essay pp. 68-71

“The Black Walnut Tree,” p. 442; “Grandfather,” Millar (HO); “Mother’s Day”, Laux (HO)

Essay 2 returned

Wed. Mar. 9

DUE: ESSAY 3 for PEER REVIEW outside class

Discussion: “I Go Back to May, 1937,”by Sharon Olds p. 440;  “Phone Call”,

Hoagland (HO); “American Wedding”(HO)  by Joe Millar

Fri. Mar. 11

DUE: ESSAY 3 FINAL DRAFT on Turnitin / share


HW: Read Chapter 9 Intro., p 503;  Consider research topics

Mar. 14-18

Spring break

Module Six

Power and Responsibility

Mon. Mar. 21

*Library research—Meet in the Library/ Begin Research paper handout

Wed. Mar. 23

DUE: Typed Research Paper Proposal –One paragraph

Discussion:  “Dulce et Decorum Est” p. 36;  King “#5” (HO);

“Staff Sargent Metz,” Laux (HO)

Essay 3 returned

HW “The Things They Carried,” by Tim O’Brien, p. 518/ questions 

Fri. Mar. 25

Good Friday—No class

HW:  Begin your research

Mon. Mar. 28

Discussion: “The Things They Carried,” questions p. 518

“My Son the Marine?” p.601;


HW: Begin essay 4

Wed. Mar. 30

Discussion: “America” by Tony Hoagland (HO); Singapore” by Mary Oliver (HO)

HW:  Continue work on ESSAY 4.

Fri. Apr. 1

Rhetorical analysis of JFK’s “Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961”  p. 590


HW: Essay 4 Peer Review outside of class

HW: Research paper: researching, brainstorming, drafting, etc

Mon. Apr. 4

DUE: ESSAY 4 FINAL DRAFT DUE on Turnitin/share

Review sample research essay, citing, formatting, etc.

---Sign up for conferences next week

HW:  Pull together all research notes, etc.

Library Skills and The Research Paper

Wed. Apr. 6

DUE: Research Notes, brainstorming, etc.

Discussion:  Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address; March 4, 1865, p. 593;  analysis of rhetorical strategies/questions 1 & 2 p. 594

HW:  Chap. Four Working with Sources, pp. 77-89

Thurs. Apr. 7

Individual Conferences regarding the research paper—bring draft and notes

DUE Annotated Works Cited;  

ESSAY 4 returned

Fri. Apr. 8

No Class

Individual Conferences regarding the research paper-- bring draft and notes

DUE Annotated Works Cited; 

ESSAY 4 returned

Revising the Research Paper

Mon. Apr. 11

DUE: Optional revision of Essay 1-4

PEER REVIEW in class of Research Paper

Wed. Apr. 13

Extra credit--Poet Therese Svoboda

Wed. Apr. 13

Student Presentations

Fri  Apr. 15

Student Presentations

DUE: FINAL DRAFT of Research Paper DUE on Turnitin,

Mon. Apr. 18

Student Presentations

Wed. Apr. 20

Exam review

Class Awards & Evaluations

Th-F, M-T

April 22, 25,26

Exams—Final Essay #5  written on computer in class

Revision of Essays 1-4 returned

Research Paper returned