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Cannon Memorial Library IT Help: Library IT Help

This page will hold information to your library IT questions; for example, how to add a wireless printer, how to connect to the student wireless, and how to scan a document to your email. We will be updating this page soon.

Account and Password Help

  • How do I reset my SLU password to get into the portal & library resources? (Answer)
  • What do I need to do to unlock and be able to use a computer? (Answer)
  • How do I set up my email on my iPhone/Smartphone? (Answer)

Miscellaneous Help

  • How can I access my classes, email, eLion or eForm if the Portal is down? (Answer)
  • How can I contact someone in the library? (Answer)
  • Do you have a reference sheet on hotkeys & shortcuts? (Answer)
  • How do I use the Windows Snipping Tool? (Answer)
  • Where can I go to get help with my computer? (Answer)
  • Is there a way to remove information from my iPad? (Answer)
  • How can I reserve a Library Technology Classroom? (Answer)

Browser Troubleshooting

  • Where can I download the latest version of Google Chrome?
  • Where can I download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox?


  • How do I clear my Temporary Internet Files and Cookies? (Answer)

Microsoft Office Help

Printing & Scanning Functions

  • Do I have access to print in color at the Cannon Memorial Library? (Answer)
  • Which printers can I print to? (Answer)
  • Which printers do the desktops print to? (Answer)
  • Is there a printer in the CCIC2 room? (Answer)
  • Which printer can I use for scanning a document? (Answer)
  • Is there a printing fee? (Answer)
  • How do I change the settings for the printer or how do I change the default printer in general? (Answer)
  • How do I add Library wireless printers? (Answer)
  • If I need a printer driver, where can I download the drivers? (Answer)
  • Can I print from my tablet or smart phone or mobile device? (Answer)
  • Do you have directions for scanning a document to an email address? (Answer)