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HTY 110: Immigration: Home

Immigration Station: Recently Arrived Persons at Ellis Island, NY 1907 (Library of Congress Photograph)

Dr. Dubois' Assignment

Students will create a Power Point or Prezi presentation which they will use as a visual aid to an oral presentation they will deliver to the class in the last two weeks of the semester.  Presentations will cover one ethnic group that has immigrated to America, and will also highlight a famous or important person from that immigrant community.  Students will select the ethnicity from which they will choose their individual topic early in the semester.  There will be a library research day to allow students ample time and provide assistance in the research and preparation for their presentation. Students must demonstrate that they are an “expert” on the material and must not read the information to the class. They must include images and maps related to the subject matter. They must speak clearly and concisely. Students should be prepared to address questions or comments from classmates and the instructor after the presentation.

Presentations should include slides that include the following information:

 1.    Images/visuals for each slide in the form of:

·            Photos (Required)

·            Maps  (Required)

·            Charts

·            Graphs


2.    An introduction to your individual and their ethnic group.

3.    Push and Pull factors that affected that ethnic group.

4.    Traditional skills and assets of this group

6.    Settlement patterns of the group

7.    Challenges this group faced

8.    Your topic’s individual immigration history

9.    Your topic’s early childhood and family history

10.  Your topic’s achievements and contributions

11.  Your topic’s legacy in both American and her/his respective ethnic community


1.    Slides must not be covered with paragraphs of writing. Include only short phrases (bullets) and images/visuals. You should explain the content of each slide with your voice, rather than with writing.

2.    Do not read from your notes when giving your presentation. Your words should flow smoothly as though you are speaking to someone rather than reading mechanically from your notes. Try to be animated when you speak rather than speaking in a monotone. Try to engage your listener and keep him or her interested in what you are saying.

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