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SOC 222: Social Problems: Home

SOC 222 with Professor Aubrey Hall


After you have completed the worksheet, you will use Socrative to enter your answers to the question posed on the worksheet.

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SOC 222

Course Description: SOC 222 Social Problems

An introduction to such contemporary social problems as poverty, unemployment, energy, pollution, sexual deviance, delinquency, drugs and alcohol. Emphasis will be placed on underlying causes and on pointing the way to solutions.

Term Paper: Social Problems in the News

Students will complete an 8-page paper (including title and reference pages) providing a critical look at the coverage of a social problem in the news media. This paper should include a combination of academic and other sources that analyze the coverage of the issue, and examples of such coverage that the student will collect in the course of the semester. Examples may come from newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio—preferably a combination of sources. Newspapers and magazines can be accessed online through the Cannon Memorial Library (see information about the library in this syllabus).

In their paper, students should provide a clear definition of the social problem at stake, present an analysis of the media coverage based on outside sources, and support it with examples they have collected themselves, and link all this to the course material to present a sociological perspective of the impact of the media on how we perceive and address the social problem at stake. It is important that students present a balanced review of the problem, based on research and facts, not personal opinions. Neither is this paper an opinion paper where students give their own perspective on a social problem and how it should be covered.

The paper will be submitted to Sociology majors should format it using the ASA formatting style. Other majors may use any style they are familiar with.