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SLU 101: Library Module: Home

Materials and instructions for the library module of SLU 101.

SLU 101 Library Module

This LibGuide provides instructions and materials for  SLU 101 Introduction to the University Experience in regard to the library module of the course.

The objectives of the SLU 101 library module are to familiarize students with the library and to introduce basic information literacy skills.

Please click on the tabs above for detailed information and materials for each step in the process. 

Please contact Elana Karshmer or Jacalyn Bryan if you have any questions.  Our contact information is located on the right hand side of the page.

Step 1 - Library Video

Students will watch a library video outside of class and complete a video worksheet one week prior to the library visit; this will be submitted to your instructor by the assigned due date; this is a graded assignment (5%).

Step 2 -  Library Visit

Students and instructor will visit the library during their scheduled time slot.

Step 3 - Library Self-Guided Activity

Following the library visit, students will complete the library self-guided activity outside of class and submit it to their instructor by the assigned due date; this is a graded assignment (5%).

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Jacalyn Bryan
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