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ENG 122: Research Assignment (Dr. Duncan): Assignment Description

Resources for your Research Paper.

Research Paper Description

For the research paper, you will choose a current event of your choice to research and write an argument about it. 

Click on the word document below for a complete description of the Research Paper Assignment:

Current Events

"Ferguson Police Arrest Suspect in Shooting of Police Officers"

NBC News - 3/15/15

Click here to watch this video.


"Florida Movie Theater Shooting Over Texting"

ABC News - 1/14/14

Click here to watch this video.


."The Pros and Cons of Gun Control"

NBC News - 1/8/13

Click here to watch this video.


"Could Anything Have Prevented the Newtown, Connecticut Shootings?"

NBC News - 12/15/12

Click here to watch this video.

Specific Assignment Criteria

Sources: (Minimum of 4)


One primary source from The New York Times or The Tampa Bay Times:

      Access through ProQuest Newsstand

Three peer-reviewed secondary sources from the library databases:

     *EBSCO - Academic Search Complete

      CQ Researcher





MLA Citation Style:

See blue tab above for MLA Citation Style examples.


Due Dates:

April 6        Research Proposal

April 8        Prewriting

April 10      Bring all sources to class

April 12      Draft Due by 5 pm

April 13      Peer Response

April 17      Final Draft Due

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