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EDU 532: Library Research Guide: Home

Resources for flipped-classroom library research activity for EDU532 students.

Important Update

Dr. Adamson and I developed the instructional materials for this EDU532 library research guide to support your class assignments. The modules build on each other and should be completed in order from 1-5.

A few minor changes have occurred to the library site since this libguide was created in 2014. The changes do not affect the content of the modules, but you should know beforehand that the library site has:

  • a new library web address at,
  • moved the Article Request form to the Forms tab at the top of the home page, 
  • added a direct link to EasyBib in the Get Help column on the bottom half of the home page, the access to which ends July 15, 2018, and,
  • the catalog search tool (the big search box on the library's home page for "Books, eBooks, Online Articles & other materials in one powerful search!") has moved the Subject Headings feature in results. For your worksheets, you may use either the Topics feature in the left-hand frame of the results screen that appears once you run a search, or follow the updated instructions in the module PowerPoint slide decks. Use either set of numbers to complete the templates in the Worksheets; but, remember to be consistent in your approach.

Please keep in mind the changes to the site I mentioned above as you complete the activities.

Call me (1.352.588.8262, Sunday-Thursday, 11:30am-8:30pm ET) if you have questions or something is unclear to you.

How to use this libguide

Dr. Adamson and I invite you to join us for a live, online library resources training event on Monday, July 2, 2018 from 8-9 pm Eastern, in Tools>Collaborate, Session 2, within the course.

You should complete this LibGuide before the online meeting. Submit the completed worksheets to the library assignment folder no later than Sunday, March 11, 11:59 pm.

Directions for completing this LibGuide:

  • Work through the materials in this LibGuide in numerical order, 1-5.
  • Content in preceding modules prepares you to tackle the content in following ones.
  • It takes a minimum of 1.5 hours to go over the content and do the worksheets. Plan accordingly.
  • The videos provide background information and demonstrate research skills.
  • Note: Some videos show previous versions of the website, including changes to certain functions of the catalog, such as Topics that now replace the use of Subject Headings in results.
  • The worksheets give you a chance to reflect on and apply the content in each module.
  • Each worksheet is worth 4 points, for a total of 20 points toward your grade in this course.
  • The research skills covered in this LibGuide are the ones you need for assignments in this class that require using the online library.

After the online meeting, Dr. Adamson will share a link to a survey where you can give us your feedback to make this a better experience for classes that follow you. The survey should take less than 15 minutes to complete.

"See" you online Monday, July 2, 8-9 pm ET.

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